5 things that only best friends do together!

No matter how many friends you have at the end of it all you only rely on your best ones. It is said that ‘A Friend in Need Is a Friend Indeed’ but there’s more to it. According to modern terms a friend is someone who is not only together when in need but is there even when no need. Best friends are the ones who have seen your best and the worst and still are up for some more of it. There are something’s that are best done only with your best buddies and with no one else…

1. At the end of every drunken night your best friend will always be a shoulder you can lean on. This is probably because you can always count on your best friends ‘No Matter How Embarrassing the Situation is.’


Courtesy : www.imgur.com

2. You can spend hours of time together doing things that makes sense only to you and not the world.


Courtesy : www.pinterest.com

3. You prefer doing all the things with your best buddy be it gymming, going to waste, getting into trouble or having shower together (weird isn’t i?)main-qimg-6276cdb74461cf504c517ceffdf52126

Courtesy : www.flickr.com

4. Well want some love tips? Your best friend can also turn out to be your love guru.


Courtesy: www.memeguy.com

5. Its 2am and you want to go on a crazy bike ride? Your Best Friend is Just a Call Away and there you go, VROOOM!


Courtesy : www.pinterest.com


“No matter how joyful or anxious you are, your best friend will make sure they add on to it!”


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