5 Monsoon Trends of 2015

It’s time to fold it up boys and splash all the style you’re made of. Don’t let the gloomy weather bog you down even bit and sport some of the brightest shades of blues and yellows this monsoon.

Raised hemlines

We know you like it wet, but its best to keep yourself dry for the right reasons. Try bright shorts, baggy three-fourths or just rip off an old pair of jeans you were planning to do away with.


Courtesy: www.pinterest.com

Cool umbrellas

Large umbrellas with fun prints are “in” sync with the moods of the season. Head out to the nearest store and pick up an umbrella which you think is unique and talks about your sense of style.


Courtesy: https://in.pinterest.com/pin/30751209931634112/

Trendy shoes

It’s definitely not the time to wear leather. Try out some funky pair of bright shoes and be looked at. Or if you don’t like all that glamour, go for the safe creams and browns.


Courtesy: www.pinterest.com

Colours and patterns

Thank God. Ever since Mardi Gras has hit the men’s fashion circuit, you’ve got many more options to choose from. So don’t just stick to the boring pastels and plain prints.


Courtesy: www.pinterest.com

Go Steampunk

Include a bit of non-corrosive metal to your outfits, like buckles on your shoes or belt, or even cufflinks during the rains.


Courtesy: www.pinterest.com

5 is just a number, you being an Easies man, we are quite sure that you’re gonna create the 6th one this monsoon. Stay cool, stay Easies!


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