International Picnic Day Special – 5 Awesome Casuals To Wear On A Picnic!

Going on picnics were ways for individuals to escape the general formality & etiquettes.  The word ‘picnic’ was most likely invented by the people in France. Royal Gardens were opened for the public first time after the French Revolution ended. So, it was common for the French to visit the gardens and take along snacks with them. Don’t you think that escaping from formalities and embracing the light ways is what every guy wants to do? Hence a picnic is something every man looks forward to. A day out on a picnic means spending time with your friends, putting on easy casuals, talk about last night’s football match, packing food for lunch and snacks & literally chilling the whole time. It revolves around the concept of enthusiasm, glee & happiness. As International Picnic Day is coming up, we thought of coming up with 5 awesome casuals to wear on picnic!

Flaunt Those Checks

For your day out on a picnic, opt for a checkered pair of shorts and team it up with a plain t-shirt. It allows your skin to breathe & you to look incredibly stylish!


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Go The Elegant Way

A smart pair of trousers teamed up with a classy sweater vest & a shirt is also an excellent outfit to opt for a picnic date or a picnic with your office crew.


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Leather Works

What’s a better occasion to flaunt your leather jacket than a day out with your friends? Simply wear a sweater under your leather jacket & pair it with classy jeans. There you go, steal the show handsome!


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Sun Dancing Shorts

The most hip way to pull off a smart picnic look is to opt for smart corporate shorts & pair it with a crisp white shirt. Go for this option & you’ll be the hottest man in your group.


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Chic Chinos

An elegant pair of chinos will make you the star at your picnic. Pair it with a cotton shirt and you are set to dazzle!


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Happy International Picnic Day!


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