How To Plan a Short Weekend

We all yearn for that long awaited weekend through the whole week. We plan various things to do but when it finally arrives, we somehow run out of ideas and we just end up lounging on our couch or watching TV. Here are 5 ways to turn your weekend into a cherished memory.

1. Travel close to home:
Make the most of those few days that you have in your hand by not spending most of your time on travelling. Beware of Monday, it’s getting closer.

In this Jan. 29, 2015, photo, James Robertson, 56, of Detroit, walks toward Woodward Aveune in Detroit to catch his morning bus to Somerset Collection in Troy before walking to his job at Schain Mold & Engineering in Rochester Hills. Getting to and from his factory job 23 miles away in Rochester Hills, he'll take a bus partway there and partway home and walk 21 miles according to the Detroit Free Press. (AP Photo/Detroit Free Press, Ryan Garza)  DETROIT NEWS OUT;  NO SALES


2. Pack light:
Carry stuff that’s necessary, there’s no need to take the whole house along with you. But don’t forget to carry a pair of extra innerwear.

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3. Keep it simple and easy:
Don’t keep yourself occupied with an itinerary. Be cool and flexible and just do what your heart tells you to do. Go where your heart tells you to go.


4. Book a room in advance:
Time is very precious so there’s no need to waste time in finding vacancies in many hotels. Instead, book a room online in a hotel that’s suitable for you. After all, you need a specific way of being pampered.


5. Enjoy yourself to the fullest:
You’ve needed this break desperately so don’t miss out on anything. Jump!



Lose yourself and enjoy like there’s no tomorrow. YOLO n Ciao!


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